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Automated Spray Booth

Mystic Tan Unity

Where Color and Technology Come Together

Achieving the perfect tan has never been easier with the new Mystic Tan ® Unity ™ spray booth. Unity offers the most technologically advanced, personalized spray tanning experience on the market.

With Unity customizable solution mix system and MagneTan ® Spray technology, clients of all skin tones will be guaranteed a natural, flawless-looking tan every time.

The Unity booth is operated by the Mystic Tan app. This customer-based session tool puts the power of personalization in your clients’ hands. The Mystic Tan app enables customers to set up spray sessions, assist with color selection, save favorite tanning levels, and collect payment. The integrated Mystic Tan app makes Unity the first fully automated, attendant-free, spray tanning booth on the market.

Please watch our video to see how color and technology come together in this exciting new booth!

For questions regarding pricing, lead times or if you are interested in placing a pre-order, please contact us by clicking the link below.

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Booth Style, Size, and Hookup

Booth Design

Single Track Door –
Fully Enclosed

Front Panel Design
Booth Size

6’ x 4.5’ x 7.5’

Room Size Recommendation

7’ x 7’ x 8’ minimum
room size

Booth Operation
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Operation – Large 15.6″ touchscreen controller initiates the spray tan process and provides access to important booth settings and diagnostics.
  • Optional Mobile App Control – Apple AppStore and Google Play Store mobile application allows 100% autonomous tan set up and payment.
  • Optional Point of Sale System Integration – API Integration with leading PoS systems allows tanning session to be set up and payment processed by your existing front desk application.
  • Salon Portal – A web based portal for all Unity spray tan booths in a single location providing access to alerts, diagnostics, tele-metrics, granular pricing, and other important operator functions.
  • MT CONNECT Technology – Monitors the performance of the booth and sends email alerts before an issue becomes a problem. MT Connect is directly linked to our tech support department via Wi-Fi which enables real-time OS updates and notifications.
Spray Positions
  • Automated voice instructions – guide tanners through 2 spray positions.
  • Position Tracking and Feedback – Sensor-based position tracking and illuminated feedback.
  • Easy-To-Use Standing Position Plates – Intuitive spray tanning positions.
Solution Spray & Heating System
  • MagneTan® Spray System – Energizes the spray to attract mist to the skin for even coverage over the entire body.
  • Fixed Pivoting Spray Nozzle – A gentle sweeping spray from the fixed pivoting spray nozzle system ensures complete coverage for all shapes and sizes.
  • Heating – Blower system pre-heats booth before spray session.
  • Air Flow – State-of-the-art crossflow fans for smooth, even air flow to keep the booth comfortable during the tanning session.

Tanning Solutions – Tan & Activate for 12 tan levels to find the right shade to match your skin tone and mood.


  • Accelerator – For a faster, deeper, darker tan.
  • Bronzers – Kona, Island, Mocha.
  • Scents – Coconut Lime, Warm Vanilla, Fresh, Summer Dream.
Solution Storage System
  • Bulk Bag-In-Box – 1.4 gallon bag-in-box containers provide easy handling and quick change out of your most used solutions while keeping the important solutions fresh and ready to tan.
  • Myxer Pouches – 250 ml pouches for accelorators,bronzers and scents allow for maximum customization. Fill out your 6 myxer positions for your customers’ needs or change them out seasonally to meet demand.
  • Automatic Washdown System – Automated waterfall washdown system, rinses the booth automatically after each session or customize your washdown schedule to match your business.
  • Optional Booth Cleaner BiB – 1.4 gallon bag-in-box containing a special cleaner solution that is injected into the washdown line on your schedule to keep the booth clean and fresh regardless of your tanning volume.

The Mystic Tan Unity uses a single electrostatic spray nozzle to provide a fast, uniform tan that can wrap evenly around otherwise shadowed surfaces. Two rotational motors provide vertical and horizontal motion to the fixed spray nozzle. An air compressor is used to set up a vacuum pump effect that draws the custom mixed tanning solution from a single session cup to provide two fine mist passes for full coverage.

Electrical Connection
  • Wall Outlet – NEMA 6-20
  • Power Requirements – System: 208-240 VAC Single Phase, 20 AMP
Plumbing Connection
  • Drainage – Above or below ground.
    • Water Supply – Cold water supply and standard washing machine hook-ups.
Network Connectivity

Internet – Standard WiFi connection. Ethernet available for an additional fee.


One year warranty on parts and a 90-day warranty on labor. Extended warranties are available for purchase.

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