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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between VersaSpa Pro and Mystic Tan Kyss?

The VersaSpa Pro was created for the person who lives a wellness lifestyle and knows the role that good skincare plays in preventing the signs of aging. VersaSpa solutions include the latest in high-end anti-aging ingredients that diminish fine lines and wrinkles, detoxifies the skin and keep it hydrated. All of this plus great active tanning ingredients that provide a healthy bronzed glow.

The Mystic Tan Kyss is for the person who defines beauty as the ability to express their personal style. With the Mystic Tan Kyss, you can choose your level of color, your color of bronzer along with your fragrance or combination of fragrances that can deliver an everyday natural tan or a deep dark island tan.

Both booths are simple to operate and maintain and require minimal staff to run.

The VersaSpa Pro and Mystic Tan Kyss are both smaller than a masseuse table, Pedi station, or waxing room making it easy to turn any small space in your business into a profit generator.

Water and electrical requirements for the Mystic Tan Kyss and the VersaSpa Pro are like that of a washer and dryer, making installation straightforward in most buildings.